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Boston excitement

November 23rd, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

As usual, it’s been far too long since my last update here. There’s a lot of excitement going on in my life at this point. Allow me to share it with you.

We arrived in Boston for the SBL conference on Friday afternoon after a drive totaling 19 hours. I don’t think I’ll ever do that again when it comes to SBL conferences–next year’s is in New Orleans and I will be perfectly content to fly.

Among my colleagues are Chad Brooks, Chuck Meeks, Benji Overcash and, of course, Jason Jackson. Yesterday was the first “real” day of the conference, and boy was it busy! I enjoyed listening to several top German scholars present (their names are too long and German for me to type here) as well as some that I knew. This included one Paul Cook, an Asbury graduate now a Ph.D student at Harvard University. I was provided a Hebrew Bible by H.G.M (Hugh) Williamson. I’m never washing these hands again.

Anyway, that’s aside from the point. Paul did an excellent job, with a most interesting interpretation of the composiotion of the book of Jeremiah. At the end of the presentation another British scholar (whose name I was not able to catch–I couldn’t see his name tag from where I was sitting) picked an argument with him, saying that he could not accept “bad editing” when it comes to Jeremiah. Paul’s response was good, simply asserting that “bad editing” was a relative term, and he did not consider the insertion of that particular verse bad editing; rather, in his eyes, it was a purposeful insertion designed to serve as a literary device in preparation for the Egypt oracles.

There were some other presentations, but this was by far the most notable. As I said, I’m not washing my hands again…oh, wait–I already did. Damn.


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