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My take on recent developments in the election race

August 30th, 2008 2 comments

I understand that I might not be the most qualified person in the world to discuss politics. I understand that there are a lot of females who are qualified to hold a political office. I am in no way writing this post with a bias against McCain’s team because of gender. With that out of the way, here goes:

I think McCain seriously hurt his campaign strategy. Prior to this, I thought he ruined his campaign completely, but that may have been an overstatement. What I meant, originally, by that comment was that McCain had been campaigning against Obama, and one of his chief criticisms of his opponent was his lack of experience. This is true: Obama doesn’t have a whole lot of experience in politics–he’s young. But McCain is now going to have to adjust his campaign attack. While it remains true that McCain has a lot of experience in politics and Obama does not, with his choice of Gov. Palin as his running mate, he may sound to some as somewhat hypocritical.

It was a smart decision to pick a female candidate in order to win over some of Hilary Clinton’s supporters. That goes without saying. But certainly, of all the female candidates to pick, was this the BEST candidate? Palin’s description of herself as a “soccer mom” may resonate with the common man or woman of society, but plenty would say that such a description of yourself is not one that you would want to utter about yourself when campaigning for the second highest office in the land. Why not pick Rice? If McCain really wanted to shake things up, why not pick Hilary Clinton herself? Certainly that would have been a good way to win over Hilary’s voters… and an especially good way to prove oneself bipartisan. Though, there is the fact that many republicans would consider McCain a traitor to his party, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make.

On the other hand, there are those that are saying that Gov. Palin is “completely unqualified” to be President. There are two things wrong with this statement. First, these people are assuming that McCain will die while in office. Yes, this is a worthy concern given his age, but it is not very likely to occur. Second, this claim seems to disregard the qualifications to BE the President of the United States. A notable figure that many considered to be unqualified was Abraham Lincoln, at least based on credentials alone.

My view, personally, is that McCain could have made a better choice for his running mate. No, Gov. Palin is not unqualified, but she is certainly less qualified than a lot of his potential choices would have been. She is, as it stands, less qualified than Barak Obama is to be president, but that is not the position that she is running for. Certainly though, compared to Biden, she is less qualified.

Republicans have been drilling home the fact that this is a race between Obama and McCain only, “at the end of the day.” If one wishes to make a comparison, comparing the top of the ticket would certainly show McCain to have more experience than Obama. But if one wishes to compare the ticket as a whole, Obama’s ticket may squeak by McCain’s in terms of experience (n.b. that I do not know how many years of experience Biden has, so this may be wrong on my part).

To say that “at the end of the day,” this is a race between Obama and McCain is true. But, I suggest that this is not the way Americans think, or at least not the way I do. I tend to look at the entire ticket. And at this point in the race, Obama’s ticket appeals much more to me.


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